When you take good care of your Polar Grilli, it will last for a long time. These tips help you to enjoy your Polar Grilli to the fullest.

Polar Grilli products – Cleaning and maintenance

All Polar Grilli products are manufactured from high-quality materials. If you look after your grill properly, it will last for a very long time.

  • The wooden tables surrounding Polar Grilli are made from durable Finnish pine. Before use, we recommend treating all wooden tables with natural teak oil for easy cleaning and protecting wood from grease and oil.  The treatment can be repeated when necessary.
  • Clean the fire pit from any burning residue immediately after use.
  • Empty the ash container regularly for safe use and protecting cast iron grate from bending. Let the ashes cool before emptying. Ensure that the ash container has been pushed to its furthest position for preventing hot charcoal dropping on floor.
  • After cleaning, brush the fire surfaces of the fire pit with cooking oil.
  • Take your outdoor grill to undercover storage for winter. If the grill has been permanently installed in a hut, a gazebo, or other building, cover the chimney pipe during the winter period so that no snow can reach the furnace.


Polar Metalli Oy grants workmanship and material warranty for Polar Grilli furnaces under the following conditions:

  • The warranty is valid for two years (24 mths) from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty is valid only with reliable proof of the time and date of purchase, e.g. a store receipt.
  • The warranty covers any defects in workmanship and materials discovered during the warranty period


  • Normal wear and tear, e.g. the burning of the paint
  • Damage caused by incorrect use, negligence, deficient maintenance or other external factors
  • Freight and travel expenses, or other indirect expenses

In case of any visible transportation damage, a notice must be submitted immediately, and for any damage discovered at a later time, a notice must be submitted within five days of receiving the goods. Polar Metalli Oy will repair the product to a condition preceding the defect, at their own expense. Warranty repairs will not extend the warranty period of the product or the object of the repair. The buyer  must notify the seller or the manufacturer within a reasonable time period from when the defect was discovered, or when it should have been discovered. A reasonable time period is generally considered to be 14 days. This warranty does not limit the rights that the buyer has regarding the defect, with respect to the Consumer Protection Act.


Download the Installation Instructions & Use and Care Guide
for the grill models Polar Grilli S8, M6, M8 and L8: Manual
for the Polar Grilli M: Manual
for the Polar Campfire Grill: Manual


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