Grills from Lapland – Where food has always been cooked on a fire

The story of Polar Grilli starts in Lapland in the 90’s, when the northern hut boom was at its peak. People wanted a bit of luxury in their lives, after the early 1990’s’ recession and Kota barbecue huts were being built in backyards.

In the late 1990’s, a local Kota barbecue hut manufacturer came to ask Tapio Saukko, the founder of Polar Metalli, whether he could design a grill that would be suitable for a Kota.

The founder of Polar Metalli, and the designer of Polar Grilli, Tapio Saukko, likes to grill with his grandson.

The first grill was octagonal, a predecessor of the current Polar Grilli S8. The manufacturer was keen on making a complete, high-quality product from the beginning. The accessories were mainly similar in style to the current ones – a grill grid, a coffee pot hook, and a grill grid. Tapio also designed a hood for the grill that featured candle holders. The company had been manufacturing grills for only a year when there was a surge in popularity and the network of resellers grew.

From Finland, Polar Metalli’s grill sales first expanded to Sweden, then to Germany and then to the rest of the world. As the sales volume increased, the grills were developed further, and more grill models were added to the product range. In the early 2000’s, the current most popular grill model was designed: the hexagonal M6. In addition to the hut model, new versions of the grills were made, suitable for backyards and terraces.

In addition to the traditional octagonal and hexagonal Polar Grilli products, the company has developed new models, such as the Polar Grilli M and S4. The accessories and components of the grills are being constantly developed further, always adhering to Finnish quality excellence.

Polar Grilli on aito lappilainen grilli

Today, Polar Grilli products are used for grilling all over the world. Our most important export markets are other Nordic countries, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, and the rest of Central Europe and soon Canada and the USA.

In 2017, the Polar Grilli brand got its own website and the new Polar Grilli logo. The Polar Grilli brand represents Lappish quality and the product has a strong local history. Read more about the company Polar Metalli here.